Thursday, April 2, 2009

I'm hoping that...

At first, I think that 7 subjects for this semester is too heavy for me to carry it but like my teachers always remind me that mind set is very important. When you set in your mind that is hard or difficult to get an A’s, so it will become hard. So our brain was controlled by our self, so I set in my mind that is easy to get an A’s for all subjects that I will take for this semester. For this semester my target is to get a better CGPA and if Allah bless me, I want to get all A’s for my subject. This semester I took Bel 311, Eco 261, Ctu 241, Bab 101, Mgt 269, Qmt 216 and Netball for my curriculum activities. So to get an A’s, I have to score on assessment marks and also on final exam. Both of them are important to me. I already done almost all the test for the entire subject that I take for this semester.

Qmt216 is one of my favorites subject for this semester. My first quiz is not bad but I make simple mistakes but is okay because I can do better after this. But a little bit sad when I just got 3 over 15 for the second quizzes. I am very sad and cried, so I called my father and told him about that. After that then I feel calm and not crying anymore. So after that I realize that now I am a little bit too active in my sport and not really focused in my study. A week after that if I am not mistaken, the time is coming. On 8 p.m. in February, I sit for the test 1 for this subject. I answer the entire question properly and I have check all the answer for a many time before submit it. You know what I feel after that?? I felt very calm and a little bit happy. After the test, we continued our studying for the next chapter. I am very disappointed with myself because when my lecturer taught us the last chapter, at the middle of class I decide to go for the “saringan for temasya larian” and after that I am very hard to do all the question. My second test will include that chapter and I am very worried because the test is on March 30 and the “Temasya Olahraga Tahunan” will be held on March 27, 28 and 29. So on the 30, I sited for the test not in a good condition because I got fever plus flu. I just can pray after that so that I will not fail for that paper. Now I just get the result for my first test and is not disappoint me and still waiting for another one quiz and test. I am very hope that I can get an A’s for this subject and I promise that I will study the Probability chapter until I can answer the entire question.

Eco 261 is also one of my favorite subjects. For this subject all the test and also quizzes already done but the results we still don’t get. For the first quiz, I am not performing because I still confused with that chapter. How to calculate the NDP and so on. I a little bit disappointed but my lecturer said that she will choose the best quizzes. My second quiz, I can answer the entire question but a little bit careless there but it is okay, I will be more careful after this. The first test is coming but I am not too worried because I got a hint from my friends. I throw my chance to get an A because I am not read the entire topic that my friends gave to me and for your information all the topic that my friend give it to me is all the question that include in that test. Regret??? A little bit but I think I already tried my best. Same goes with the second test but at this time I miss one word that came out from my lecturer mouth about the chapter that will came out in the test that is Islamic chapter. Lucky that I can answer the question but when it comes to Islamic question, I have to close my eyes when I am answering the question. I promised that I will perform better on the final and I hope that I can get an A’s. Gambatene!!!

Another one my favorite subject for this semester is Mgt 269. For this subject, I have to do many things because the assessment marks is 70% and 30% for the final. So there are many works that my friends and I have to do and work together to get a good assessment marks. For instance, we have to do so many presentation, we have to attend an interview, conduct a meeting and do a proposal and also report. I am very enjoyed doing all this kind of activities because at least it can train us earlier. When I go to the interview, I asked for the Sports and Recreation Manager Position. I enjoyed when the lecturer interview me because I love sports so much!!! The meeting also I have been a chair person. Like other subject, I also hope that I will get a good assessment marks and also I can perform the best for my final and A’s is my goal.

Bel 311??? Of course that is my favorite subject from I was in part one until now. Even though I’m not speaking fluently but I love to speak and also write. Even though it is wrong, but I don’t care because I have my sir to correct me. Sir Izuan love to give us many work to do. Every week, there must be one essay that he will give to us and from the beginning of the class until now, already 10 essays that we already done and publish to our blog. To me it is not difficult to do all this because when we do all this, from that then we know what actually our mistake is. I always hope that sir will give a comment on my essay, so that I will learn from my mistakes. Besides that, he also taught us how to do the citation for the term paper, the outline, first draft and also for the final draft. I choose Tai Chi as my topic for the term paper. I got 4 over 5 for my outline but a little bit sad when I get back my first draft. I just get 5 over 10 and I have to struggle for my final draft because the mark is over 20. At least I must get 15 over 20 or maybe more than that. 10 % is from the attendance and so far my record is clean, alhamdulillah. I must get A’s for this subject and I hope that I can get it sir. One more things sir, thank you for asked us to create our own blog because my favorite lecturer when I’m was in part one, send message to me through my blog from Australia. Arigato sensei!!! I hope you will remember me.

Ctu 241 is also my favorite subjects. So far, just quiz were already done and my entire classmate include me, get a full marks. I am very happy. Our tests is on April 8 and on that day also is Sultan Johor birthday and suppose to be it cannot be done but there is no other time to do, so we have to sit for the test on that day. Today will be our presentation at 8.30 p.m. I am a little bit nervous but I will try my best!!! Like usual, Zaty and Fara will be my presentation group member. I hope that I can perform for the test and also the presentation very well. I hope for this subject also I can get an A’s.

Bab 101 or Arabic. I love to learn Arabic even though at the school I am not too interested with this language but is okay. So far, we already finish all the 10 chapter of this subject. There are many activities that we have to involved to get a good assessment marks for this subject such as we have to join the students project competition and at that time we act and also sing a song and what a surprise, we get the third place. Now the last project is we have to record what ever we talk in Arabic in form of MP3 and it will submit on April 10. So I will corporate with my group members to do the best. A’s is my target for this subject and I hope that I can achieve that.

Last but not least, even though the credit hour is only 1, but it very mean for me that is netball, my curriculum. Last week is our fitness test and yesterday was my writing test. The question is very hard but my coach is very sporting person. I know that all the coach in this UiTM is very sporting. But actually if we prepared for that, for sure that we can answer it easily. I am very hope that I can get an A’s for this subject.

So the final is around the corner. My first paper is on 21st of April that is Ctu 241 paper. On April 24 is Bel 311 paper and my last paper is on April 8 that is Mgt 269 paper. Maybe study week I will go back to my hometown on April 11 and come back to UiTM on 12. I hope all of you will pray for my success and we pray together. I hope that I will achieve my goal!!! Gambatene S.A.M.S.R. (guess what???) for my entire lecturer, I hope that you will pray for my success and halalkan semua yang diajar. Thank you, Terima kasih, Nandre, Sheshei, Shukran, Arigatokozaimas to my entire lecturer!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Is This My First Album???

What will be my cover album if one day I'll be a singer? I think the best concept that I'll choose is ballad. Even though it is a soft and sentimental song, but i like it so much because i love to hear something that can make me feel calm and also songs that have a sentimental value. So I choose this as my first cover album and all this song I'll put in my first album.

This is the description of all my song...

1. Here without you
- This song is about someone who is separated either by distance or death from someone special or someone they love very deeply in their life.

2. Super Human
- This song tends to remind all of us of our loved ones and how we would do anything for them to repay what they had done for us before.

3. Crush
- This song is quite self-explanatory. It’s about two friends, a guy and a girl. The guy has feelings for her but however the girl is oblivious (unaware). So the guy now wants to know if the girl could ever have a crush on him.

4. Take a bow
- A girl who found out that h
er boyfriend cheated on her. He tried to apologize to her but she could not hear it anymore. So she finally decided that she doesn’t want to go on with the relationship.

5. How many times, How many lies
- The girl fed up with the boy who nonstop cheating on her. And now she is finding out by asking questions to her boyfriends about what actually happened during all the times that he had cheated on her.

6. Forget about me
- A girl admitted that she also likes the boy after he had confessed to her. But in the end, he just left her hanging and one day he had the guts to tell her, he actually never did like her. Despite giving him everything he asked and wanted.

7. I’ll be missing you
- This song is recorded and dedicated in memory of artist Notorious B.I.G. who was murdered on March 9, 1997, saying how he will be missed by his loved ones and all the memories of and with him will always be cherished and on their mind all the time.

8. I want to spend my life time loving you
- This song tries to show what power of love can do. This strong couple promised each other that they will deal and face all obstacles together that may or may not come their way. And nothing even death can stop them from spending their whole life being together with each other.

9. If I were boy
- The song intention is to find out how men are and how it feels like to be in their shoe even just for a day. She strongly believe that she will definitely treat a woman better than must of the men she knew as she understand how a women feels when she is mistreat.

10. If tomorrow never comes
- Tells how a man really regrets those days where he didn’t let his loved ones know how much they meant to him and when the times comes, he was already too late to do so. Therefore, he vowed not to allow history to repeat, so he makes sure the women he loved knows how important she is in his life everyday until the day he dies.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Scary Movie

Ghost? I hate ghost!!! It is true. This is because I can not get a good rest when I heard ghost story and more over when I remember what I have heard. Before I get into UiTM Segamat, my cousin, Ada always tell me a story about her past experience at the UiTM. I hate to hear that just because like what I have told you, my night will be so damn when I remember the story. At first, when I get into my new room at Sempana Alam Buana College, there is no ghost story that I heard from my senior and so on. But when I already in semester three, I always heard many horror stories from my senior and also I have through it by my own. You want to know the story??? Let’s read my story but you have to be strong and make sure you don’t have a heart attack disease. I’m warning you!!!

Last semester, when the study week is coming, all most all my friends at the college prefer not to go back home. They prefers to stay at the college than go back home. This is because they want to focus on preparing for their final exam. Usually, they will study until 3 a.m. and maybe until next morning. So this horror incident happens at 13 April 2008 at 2 a.m. and it is happen to my friends and also me.

My friends, Nara always ask me to accompany her to the toilet and I will follow her to the toilet. But at that day, I felt very weird. Nara doesn’t ask me to accompany her to the toilet and she want to go by her own self. I ask her whether she want me to accompany her to the toilet or not. But she still wants to go by herself. So what can I say??? After 5 minutes, Nara comes back to the room. She looks totally different and not like usually. Her face looks very pale. I ask her, why her face looks like she saw a GHOST!!! She quickly asks me to shut my mouth. I ask her so many time what is actually happen until she looks like death people and finally she told us what is actually happen at the toilet.

She told me that when she get into the toilet, she felt something was stare her. She quickly goes to the toilet. After she finishes it, she wants to wash her hand and when she looks at the mirror, suddenly she saw something with white cloth and very long hair stare at her. She gets shocked but she think maybe she just dreaming. So she wash her face wishing that she will not see that thing after that. But she is totally wrong, she is not dreaming but it is true. Something was staring at her with a scary smile. She felt very scared and walk very fast to the room. After that, than we know why her face like that. We quickly lock the door and stick together at my bad.

Knock! Knock! Knock! We all screamed loudly. All of us felt very scared at that time. In my mind, I just think about the thing that Nara found at the toilet. I ask them to pray to God. They read the Yassin, ayat Kursi and so on. At that time, just Allah knows what I feel. We keep on pray and pray non stop until we sleep. When we wake up next morning, we still feel scare when we remember what is happen last night.

So, to me that is really a horror experience in my life. From that incident, I and my friends never sleep over 12 a.m. We will sleep before 12a.m. When I remember that night, I feel very scare and for sure I can not sleep by my own. I will go to my friend’s room and sleep with her. Actually, to be sincere, I never sleep by my own self since that incident happen. I hate that!!! Scary man….

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Future Hubby ;p

LOVE. For me, sometimes it can be very pain and sometimes it can be very joy. Many kinds of love, instant as love to Allah, love to Prophet Muhammad, love to mother, father, siblings, relative, and friends and so on. Love also can be defined as a strong feeling of caRing about someone, especially in a member of your family or close friends (Longman, Dictionary). So we can conclude here is LOVE is a feeling of caring to someone like our family, friends or else. Love to Allah is we follow all the rules and leave the forbidden and love to the Prophet Muhammad is follow all the As-Sunnah and Al-Hadis that guide us to the truth way. So that is LOVE to me.

You want to know what the characteristic of my love future husband is. Actually my dream is, when I find the man that suitable for me, we’ll getting married first then after that we’ll falling in love with each other. Huhu… It’s like a ridiculous thing right, but that’s actually my dream is. Let's go and see which guy that can be my future hubby.

The first characteristic of my dream guy is someone that can guide me to the way of the truth or on the other hand he’s good in Islamic knowledge. So from that he can guide me to be a better person, a good wife and else. What I mean here is, that guy can bring me to a better life, be a good wife, guide me as a truth muslimah but not control my life. On the other hand, he’s must be someone that obey to Allah and the Prophet Muhammad but in the same time he can be a sporting person.

Next is, guy that want to be my husband must someone that very responsibility. He knows what is his responsibility to me, to our family, to our parents and so on. For instant he will give me the monthly expenses like what in Islam have said. Actually I’m not materialistic women, but he as a man must know what their responsibility is. One more thing is, I don’t like guy that simply left his family without leaving money for them to survive, moreover when they face the problem. So my future husband must be a very responsibility person.

Besides that also, that guy for sore must love me with all his heart. Of course that is important because is the guy don’t love you, how you want to live with him, the rest of your life? So, that guy for me must be very caring person. Not just caring about me, but also to my family. He must love me with all his soul and heart. So I hope our marriage will last longer till die. To me love is more important than money.

My future husband must also someone that very respective guy. Not only respect my parents but also to me. He can’t simply beat me without any reason. I for sure have to respect him. Besides that, every woman in this world has a wish to have a charming guy as their future husband. Same goes with me but for me that’s not too important. Last but not least, the characteristic of my future guy or husband is he must be rich. What is actually I mean here is, not too rich like from minister’s family but that guy can give mea comfortable life. That is good enough for me.

So that is all about the characteristic of my dream guy or future husband. Huhu… It’s very funny when I talking about this topic because it’s very early for me to get a boyfriend or get married. My target is to set married when I’m at 27 years old. This is because I’ve many things that I want to do before I getting married. So, if you have the entire characteristic that I’ve mention before, you can try me.

Monday, February 9, 2009

My second home:)

Sempana Alam Buana or more familiar with SAB. That is my hostel name. I live there since my first day at UiTM Segamat, Johor. Is it weird when you hear that name??? To me, that’s not weird but unique. Start from this semester, all the students will be place by their CGPA or exam result. The student that get Dean List (DL), will get a better and comfort room, mean here is, they just have two people in that room and the others will get four people in one room. So this semester, I get 0D wing and that already change to Ibn Khaldun wing. At first, I felt very sad all my friends already change to another wing but at last I just ignore it.

My new wing, new environment, new wing mate, to me is all new but that is not a big deal. At first, it was a very bored environment, seems like there is nobody in that wing. Everybody make their own works. They not talk to each other. It’s like their own world. We never know each other until one day, there is a meeting that held by our sectarian in 005 rooms. In that meeting, I’ve been chosen as a wing captain. I don’t like but I want take that as a challenge. So thank God, from that I become closer with my wing mate. That is all about my wing mate but now I want to tell you about my roommate!!!

Isma Zarith. She’s actually is my friends when we’re in part one. I’m taken Diploma in Business study but she’s Diploma in Accountancy student. Now she already becomes my roommate. The real story is she didn’t get the college but after make an earnest, and then she gets the college. She’s very nice person. From her attitude, I know that her not kind of that very social girl. She will try harder to get what she wants. I like her because she said to me that she comes here to get the knowledge and not to have fun. She’s very helpful person and very understands me. Maybe this is because we’re in a same age. So I hope we’ll be friends forever and success together.

Next is Madihah or Madi. She’s my junior. She’s Diploma Computer Science students. She’s quit a silent person at first, but now, she’s not like that anymore. At the beginning, I get fight with her. Actually, I don’t know what is the reason or my mistake that make her suddenly don’t want to talk with me. I felt weird but know I think that I know why she act like that. This is because she just has two siblings, her sister and herself and more over, she’s the last one. So she’s very sensitive person, but to me, she must change her attitude and must respect the senior. I hope we can get along together till the end of this semester. But actually, she’s very kind junior.

She is my senior. Her name is Fyda. Actually, she’s my classmate sister, Fara. At first, I got shocked when I know she’s one of my roommates. She’s kind of sweet girl. She’s taken Diploma in Banking. This semester is the last semester for her because she already in part six rights now. Actually, she never sleeps at this room at this room. This is because every night, she will sleep at her sister room at Zamrud College. Even though she sleeps at her sister room and most of her time at there, she never forgets about her responsibility at this room and also wing, like pay the college fees and so on.

That’s all about my beloved ‘Ibn’ Khaldun’ mate and also my lovely roommate. I love ‘SAB’ College so much!!! Even though people said that, SAB is too far from the class, sports facilities and so on, but too me that is not a good reason or a big problem. I always remember that my lecturer said that if you walk to the class, you will get the reward from God. Seems like when you go to the mosque by walk, you will get more rewards from Allah and to me, that can be as our exercise and make us becomes healthier. I love and happy because being part of SAB liver. One more things that I want to tell you that, UiTM Segamat is the best UiTM in the world to me. Even though people always said that, there is no entertainment and just jungle surround you but to me here is the best and right place to study. I love that!!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My "SEMPOI" classmate;0

For this semester, I’ve register for D3B2 class. Two semesters before this, I’m in the first class but this semester I decide to take second class. This is because D3B2 schedule, there is no class on Friday. More over, the schedule is not pack like D3B1 and D3B3 classes. I know my old classmate will ask me, why I take D3B2 class and not D3B1. Even though I felt so sad of these changes, I realize that I’m here because I want to get knowledge not to get exulting!!! So let’s go and see what kind of student in D3B2 class!!!

1. Al-Amirul. He’s actually transfer from Kedah campus. Al is very talk active person. He’s very friendly person and as I know, he like to sings!!!

2. Asyraf. We actually already meet in MKT 243 class at the last semester. He’s very talk active person and also kind.

3. Azhar or Sood. I know him since we joined the Karisma 2008. He’s very funny person and likes to comment at my post. Thanks dude.

4. Dato’ Khalid. Opss… sorry it’s Khalid actually. People said that he’s like a Romeo but to me, he’s kind of responsible person.

5. Naz whose looks like an actor. Haha…. That’s what my lecturer has told us. He also same with Azhar. He’s very funny person.

6. Syahrul. Actually his new in our class. He’s quit a silent person. Maybe because he’s new student in our class.

7. Am. She’s very happy so lucky girl. In addition, she’s very girlish person and kind person.

8. Salwa. She has a twin named Radiah. She’s very kind and sweet person.

9. Atikah. She’s senior than me. So I don’t really know about her but I know that she’s nice person.

10. Irma. She’s very sweet person. Like to smile and always bring her beloved bottle I think, in the class.

11. Zaleha. Actually, I don’t really know about her but I’m very sure that she’s very nice girl.

12. Shiela. At first I thought she’s very silent person, but when I try to have a talk with her, actually she’s not bad, very soft person.

13. Halimatussa’diah. As I know, she’s the student who’s had transfer from Kelantan campus. She’s very nice and kind person.

14. Radhiah. She’s Salwa twin. She also very nice and kind person. Sometimes, I couldn’t know which one are Salwa and Radhiah, but now, I already know.

15. Azierah. She’s very kind person. Even though she’s very quite person, but when she start to talk, more over with Halimatussa’diah and Azirah, for sure she’s look different.

16. Ernie. She’s my classmate when we’re in first semester. As I know, she’s quit a silent person and also soft spoken.

17. Suhaida. She’s like to ask the lecturer, but I don’t really know about her. But I know she’s very good girl.

18. Lynn. Even though she’s one of the senior in the class, but she’s kind of person of happy girl and also kind person!

19. Nik!!! At part one and also part two, she’s the class representative same goes like me. She’s nice girl and also a good leader.

20. Azirah. She’s also kind of a silent person. But I know she’s a nice person. She will totally become somebody that very talk active person when she meets her friends.

21. Salbiah. She’s very strong person and likes to give me an advice when I felt down. She also is the person that not easy to give up.

22. Huda. She’s never smile in the class but I know she’s very nice girl and I hope after this Amirul will not asking for her smile anymore.

23. Shahida. She’s very kind and helpful person. This is because she always helps her partner to do the work.

24. Siti Farahiyah. She’s very close to me. She’s the one who want to follow me to the class early in the morning. Fara always know when I’m sad, tension, or moody through my face expression.

25. Another Fara. I think she’s Sheila best friends. She also quit a silent person. But I bet you better you don’t judge her like that because she also has join futsal sports.

26. Nur Izzaty Hisamuddin. She also one of my friend that close to me. She’s very soft person and also kind. Another secret that you have to know that, she obsesses to the camera.

27. Shikin. At first, I thought she’s kind of arrogant person, but after I know her she’s not like that. She’s very kind girl.

28. Last but not least is Raja. My perception about her same like what I thought about Shikin. This is because they look very close. But actually, she’s very kind.

Actually, for your information, I don’t really know about my classmate because this is my first time in the second class. But I’ll try my best to be familiar with them. I’ll try my best to be part of them because I think if I’ve a bad relation with my classmate, I will feel so uncomfortable in that class. So, I want to make them like my own ‘siblings’, so we can share whether when we’re happy or when we face a problem. So I’ll put more effort to get know them. GAMBATENE AINAA SAN!!! However it is, I love all my ‘sempoi’ friends!!!

It's not fake!!!

Fact means thing known to have happened or to be true or to be exist. In simple words, facts mean something that is true. Do you want to know 10 facts about me, Sharifah Ainaa Mardhiyah Syed Redhwan???? My name already shown that is facts. So, let’s go and see what 10 facts about me are!!!

The first facts of me are I HATE COCKROACH SO MUCH!!! I hate that kind of insect. The way a cockroach looking at me, the structure of the cockroach body and all about the cockroach. I don’t like it!!! In addition, there is one type of a cockroach that I don’t like that is fly cockroach!!! When I saw there is a cockroach in my way, I’ll get shock and try to find another way to go to the place that I want to go. Actually, I started to hate this insect since I’m in the primary school. My friends give me a chewing gum and when I pull it out, I scream loudly because that is not a chewing gum but a fake cockroach!!! Starting from that, I hate cockroach so much!!!

CHOCOKE!!! I love them so much!!! I’m sure you will think so many times about the meanings of that words and the answer also you will never get from the dictionary or somewhere else. CHOCOKE means chocolate and coca-cola. I love to eat chocolate and drink coca-cola so much, especially when I’m feel bored, sad, tension or even moody. I love Cadbury chocolate and of course black forest flavor. When I’m in a bad mood, I can even finish the biggest chocolate bar!!! Same goes to coca-cola. If I was tension or have a problem, I’ll find the coca-cola and drink it until finish. For example, one day I felt very disappointed with my ex-boyfriend, I drink a big bottle of coca-cola and after that I vomit all the things. But the fact is I love CHOCOKE so much!!!

Anger is my bad attitude. That is one of the facts about me. Actually, I’m not that kind of person. I’ll be a nice person to other person if they also being nice to me. For example, when I’m in a good mood but suddenly people do something bad to me, for sure I’ll being a Green Hulk!!! I hate for being an anger person because I know people will hate me if I be like that. So I hope that I’ll change to a better person someday.

Next is, I like to write an essay whether in English or Malay. It does begin when I’m in secondary school. My teachers teach me how to write an essay by using the formula of “What, Why and How”. I wrote an essay using that formula whether in Malay or even English essay. At the school, my essay always was being a role essay to other students. So from that, I’m interested to write an essay and I like to write an essay base on my experience, so it’s not too hard for me to create an idea because I know what is already happen. So, I love to write!!!

Tears are my best friends in the world. Why I said like that? This is because, I like to cry when I feel so sad, happy, when I feel alone and when I need somebody but there is no one. I am the person that can’t keep the problem by my own and tell to the people that I trust. But if there is nobody that I can tell my problem, I’ll cry and cry by myself. Tears are my best friends in the world.

In addition, computer is not my interest. That is a fact!!! I don’t really like computer. Like Malays said, “Buta IT”. I’m the one in that group. I don’t know anything about computer, this is because I never go to the computer classes. But I’ve to learn to use the computer because I’ll use the computer in the future. Even now, I already use the laptop to complete the assignment. But the reality is, I don’t really like a computer.

I’m not ready for having a boyfriend. For sure that’s a fact about me. I was a very faithful person in love for long time ago. But, since my ex-boyfriend ask me to break up with him just because we are too far and for me, that is a stupid reason. So now, I think better I have no relationship with other guys and I hope that one day I’ll find a man and get married and after that, then we’ll get in love. I’m not ready for love!!!

Another fact about me is, I hate people who betray me. Example like, in front me they are very nice to me but at the back, they talk a bad things about me. I really don’t like that kind of people. They seems like a fake to me, a fake things!!! I hate that.

I hate being force!!! I don’t like do a work, anything such as study or cooking, that is being forcing by other people. This is because, I know the result will not good as good as I do the work by my own. I’ll do when I want to do and not by being force!!

Last but not least, I love chocolate cake so much!!! Huh!!! It's very delicious. Every time my birthday was coming, my mom will bake a chocolate cake for me. I can even finish all the chocolate cake!!! Greedy right??? I don't care! Until know, I'm still crazy of chocolate cake. Owh chocolate cake!!!

So that is 10 facts about me. It just about me. I’ll try to be a good person in a future. So, don’t you dare to give me a joke such as giving me a cockroach!!! I’ll kick you!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I love my entire SUBJECT!!!

At this third semester, I’ll already register all sevens subject that I’ll be taken that is English for Academic purposes (BEL 311), Microeconomics (ECO 261), Statistic (QMT 216), Business Communication (MGT 269), Economic in Islam (CTU 241) and last but not least, net ball co-curriculum subject. As I remember, when I’m in part one and part two, I just only take six subject including co-curriculum but at this semester, I have to take seven subject. For the first time, I feel that it’s very hard to me, to carry the entire seven subjects because I never take seven subjects before this. But when I think for a while about what is actually my purpose to come here, so I left the entire negative thinking and set in my mind, all the subject that I’ll take, will become an easier subject and try to get A’s for all the subject. InsyaAllah...

My first class is Business Communication (MGT 269). The lecturers that teach me will be Mr.Ahmad Kamil. I’ve heard about him before this. Many students said that he’s very strict person and many of them get ‘F’ grad for his paper. I felt very scared and try to change to another class but my friends told me that Mr.Ahmad Kamil will take all the business students classes. So, I’ve no choice and have to go on with his class. For the first time I saw him, he seems like to what all students said about him. But when at the tutor class, I see that he’s not like what all the students said. His very kind person, love to laugh I think and I like him, the way he teaches us. At the first day in his class, he already calls my name. I felt very happy because that lecturer knows that I’m existing. I love this subject because I’ve heard about this subject when I’m in part two and it’s very attracting me. This is because we will have an activity like a meeting, presentation that required me to wear proper clothes like blazer and so on. I don’t have this kind of activities before, so I’m very interesting to join it!! He also mentions us about the assessment marks that will be 60 percent for assessment and another 40 percent is from the final exam. We’re also required to do an assignment, meeting, report writing, presentation and many activities that will be done. So my hope for this paper is, I want to get an A’s. InsyaAllah…

Next subject that I’ll be taken for this semester is Arabic (BAB 101). For your information, I take this subject is because my lecturer ask me to take that subject. So I decide to take this subject and actually I don’t really like Arabic but I decide to take this subject because suddenly I interested to take Arabic. My Arabic’s lecturer name is Ustaz Syazali Arifin. I know him because he’s one of the important people in the UiTM. He’s very strict person and concern about students’ discipline. First time I saw meets him, I thought that he is very fierce but after he start to talk, then I know his very funny and like to make a joke. So, I’m very happy to be in his class. My first impression about this subject is not too good, because I don’t really like this subject! But I think that, nothing is easy in this world. So I’ll give my best to study this subject and I’ll also hope that I’ll get an A’s for this subject. Ustaz Syazali also has told us about the carry marks that including of 60% of assessment marks and another 40% will come from final exam. He also tells us that maybe there is no finals exam for Arabic paper for this semester. I’m a little bit happy but I can’t take for granted about that assessment marks. So, I will work hard to achieve my target for Arabic which is to get an A’s grad.

Mr.Izuan Ismail. His is my English for Academic purpose (BEL 311) lecturer. I’m a little bit scared when at the first time I saw him. His face is look like, he’s very fierce person and more over, he’s never smile in the class. But after almost one month I study with him, he is actually not that kind of person but maybe he’s too straight. I always wish that one day, he will give me and my entire classmate a very cool smile in the class. This is one of my favorites subject. This is because I like to talk in English and I’m hoping that one day I can speak fluently in English. In addition, there’s many interesting activities that I can join and it can help my English either in oral or written. In the first class, he already tells us about the assessment marks which is 60 % is from the activities like presentation, term paper and so on, and another 40% is come from final exam. More over, he also gives us an assignment at the first class that required us to find one topic and find the article from the internet and news paper, books that relate to the topic. For Bel 311 subject, I target to get an A’s and I’ll put more effort to achieve my target.

For this semester, I also will take Macroeconomics (ECO 261) subjects. At the beginning, there is a technical mistake at our schedule, but it already done by the HEA. The lecturer that will teach us is Madam Zuraidah Ismail. When I saw her at the first time and look at the way that she talks to us, I thought that she’s very strict person. But after almost one hour I study with her, she’s actually a nice person and she only being serious when she’s teaching us. I like the way she teach us. For the first time I hear about Eco 261, because of this subject is all about the hole economics and in addition, she teach us without follow the content that have in the manual books. So, its make me feel so hard to follow her lesson. But I’ll try to follow her way because that’s the only way to make sure that I’ll get what ever she teach us. Madam Zuraidah also tells us about the assessment marks that will be include of 40% for the test, quizzes and so on and another 60 % is from the final exam. So, my hope is I’ll get an A’s for this subject.

Statistic (QMT 216) is one of the subjects that I’ll be taken for this semester. I’ve heard about this subject from other student before this, that QMT 216 it’s easier than MAT 140. Even though it’s like what they say, but it doesn’t mean I can take it easy for this subject. For the first time I saw her, I now that she is nice lecturer but a little bit serious. I like to ask her anything that I don’t understand and she will answer my entire question. She also have tell us about the assessment marks which40% include of test, quizzes and also one final project and another 60% is from final paper. So, I’ll do my best to achieve my target for this subject and of course A’s is my target for QMT 216.

Economic Islam (CTU 241) will be taught by Ustaz Kamarulzaman Sulaiman. Before this I’ve heard a story about him from my senior. They said that he’s very funny lecturer and like to give a lesson from the story that he told us and it’s really true, because when he teach us in the class, he always make we laugh. After that, he’ll always remind us to take care about our self and remember our parents. I like him because he’s like my father that loves to motivate me. When I read the title of this CTU 241 subject, which is about Economic of Islam, I thought it’s very hard to me because the topic is too wide. Suddenly I think for a while. Why I’ve to set at my mind like this?? So I throw all the negative thinking and set in my mind, that I can do it!! My lecturer also explains to us about the assessment marks. Its same goes to BELL 311whicw is 40% will come from the presentation, quizzes, test and the important thing is the attendant and another 60% is come from final exam. My target for this subject is to get an A’s for this subject and I’ll go for it!!!

Last but not least, Co-curriculum subject. For this subject, I take Net ball (HSK 116) because l like this sports so much. At the beginning, I want to take Futsal, but that sports don’t have in the list, so I decide to take Net ball subject. Madam Azah. I already know about her before I join Net ball society. This is because, I’ve join the “Majlis Sukan Pelajar” when I’m in part one and she’s the one of the staff there. She’s very kind and very sporting person. I like her very much!!! For this subject, it’s easy to score A’s, but I’ll not take it easy. On the other hand, I’ll try my best to get an A’s for this subject.

After I calculate all the credit hour for all the subject that I’ll be taken for this semester, that is 18 credit hours which is a little bit high and hard to me if don’t score all the subject. So, I have to work hard to get all A’s for all subject in my final exam or maybe get a Dean List for the third time. InsyaAllah… I hope that I can do my best to achieve my dreams. You can do it Ainaa! Gambatene!!! May Allah bless Sharifah Ainaa Mardhiyah Syed Redhwan… Amin…

It's all about MYSELF!!

After one year my parents get married, the doctor has verified that my mom was pregnant and who’s in there?? The answer is me!!! In the time of nine month my mom was pregnant, my mom and my dad go to Makkah to perform their Hajj. My mom said that, all the Hajj pilgrimages include the Arabian there, were praying for me. They pray, so that I’ll be as brave and strong as the Khalifah Umar Al Khatab and all the other Khalifah. Maybe because of that, I look like a boy. Then, when the time is coming, my mother gives birth me on the 4th of January 1989 at the Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah (HTAR), Klang Selangor early in the morning, is about 3.15 a.m. if I’m not mistaken. My mom said, when the first time she saw me, she saw my fathers face. She said that our face is almost looking same. My parents were very happy for having me as their first child. So, my father gives me such a nice and beautiful name that is Sharifah Ainaa Mardhiyah Syed Redhwan. Sharifah means the prophet pedigree and Ainaa means the beautiful eyes. I’m very happy to get that name even though some people said it’s hard to pronounce it!!

When I’m in two years old, I got a little cute brother names ‘Azim. At that time, my mother work as the chief at my uncles’ restaurant. My mother had to bring us with her because my mothers don’t have money to send us to the nursery and so on. Day after day, week after week and years after years, my age is growing up and same goes to me. Usually when a children at six years old, their parents will send them to the school or tadika as a preparing before they go to the primary school, but not for me. I don’t have any sweet memory at the tadika like the other children. My moms teach me at home how to read, doing the calculation and so on. This is because my parents don’t have enough money at that time. At the same time, I got a new babies from my mom names La’aiba and two years after that I got one more baby boys names Matiin. Even though I never go to school or tadika, I never felt sad because I’ve my mom who’s being my teacher at home.

I start my first study at Sekolah Kebangsaan Raja Muda, Kuala Lumpur. Then my families moved to our hometown, Klang. I start my new life there with a new environment, new friends and the best part is my house is nearest to my uncles and aunties house. My fathers also send me to Sekolah Kebangsaan Bukit Kuda when I’m in standard two. I’m not feel so friendless, this is because most of my friends at that school were live near to my house. So I’m not alone there and I feel so happy. When I’m in standard three, my teachers choose me to be a prefect at the school. I felt so scared and tell my mom and my mom said that I can do it. So I take that as a challenge and finally, I made it!!! I love sport so much!! I’m very active person. I’ve joined the sports since I’m in standard one and become an athlete for my school when I’m in standard two until now. I like net ball so much. My position is center (C). Even though people will avoid from take that position because it’s very tired position but it’s not for me. I like that position so much!! Besides that, I also like track field sports too, like 200 meters and so on. I love sports so much!! Of course I’ll not forget about my study. When I’m in standard six, I have to face an important examination for the first time in my life. My mom always force me to study and I know that is good but to me, I don’t like to being force, if I want to do than I’ll do it. At last, I get 2 A’s, 2 B’s and 1 C for my UPSR result. I felt so happy at the beginning but I know that the result is not good. Its okay and I promise to my self to do a better at the future.

I further my study at the Sekolah Menengah Perempuan (P) Bukit Kuda, Klang. I study at that school for three years, starting from form one until form three. Like usually, I’ve been an active student. I’ve joined many sports and society like net ball, track field and also Cadets Remaja Sekolah (KRS). All the things that I involved in, at least will bring back a sweet memory to me and all my friends. So I felt so happy. At that moment, I don’t really like the entire prefect there. I hate rule at that time and like to be free. But so far, I never get into serious problem and I still keep my discipline record clean. Even though I a little bit busy with the activities, I never forget about my responsibility as a student. Finally I get a flying color for my PMRs result. I get 6 A’s and 2 B’s. I’m very happy with my result and I’m sure that my parents also were happy with my result. After that, all my happiest moment is gone just like that when my parents have decided to move to Johor Bahru. I felt very depressing but I don’t have any choice and have to go even it’s very hard for me to start a new life at a new place.
For the first time I walk into my new school that is Sekolah Kebangsaan Tasek Utara(2), Johor Bahru, I felt very shocked with the way they dress up, talk and so on. It’s totally differing from my old school. More over, this school is mix between girls and boys. So I felt very weird. But I think, what ever happen, there must be something goods besides that. It’s true!! I’ve become a head prefect at my school. The true is, actually I just want to collect the certificate by join the society but my teacher and almost all the student choose me to be a head prefect. I also get many rewards from my school such as, “Tokoh Pelajar”, “Pelajar Paling Aktif”, “Pelajar Cemerlang” and many more. I’m very surprised and of course I’m very happy because I’ve the chance to show my ability to be a good leader. I got 4 A’s, 1 B, 1C and 4 D’s for my SPM examination. I felt very sad and shame to myself because get that bad result. After that, I said to myself that, what ever happen, life must go on. I’ll do my best if I’ve a chance to get into a University.

I start my new life and forgot all the past. Even though it’s very hard but I don’t have any choice. While I’m waiting for the callings from UiTM, I go to find a job. It’s very hard actually to get money. Firstly, I work at “The Chicken Rice Shop”, Klang. I’ve collect many experiences from there. After that, I got a job as a sales girl at Angsana Mall, Johor Bahru. At last, I got a work at “The Body Shop”, Jusco Klang as a product advisor. It is a sweet memory that I’ll never forget about it. The loveliest moment that I’ll never forget is, when I got a letter from UiTM, Segamat Johor. I felt very happy and excited to go there. I use all my salary to buy all the tools, pays the fees and so on. Until now, I felt very happy and excited to achieve my ambition and target for the future.

This is all about me. I can’t judge myself. Just people, who look at myself and be my friends, will know who I am actually. I don’t like people just judge me without knowing me. Life is too complicated!! Sometimes, is too sweet and sometimes it’s too pain. Many things that I’ve to face when I’m still young until now. Example like, my parents get into divorce, I’ve been slander by my friends and also my uncle, I loose my two little sister and brother and so on. Sometimes, I felt too tired to go on with my life, but I’ve to be strong to face all the problems that come to me. I know that make me become more matured and understand what life is about actually. This is my life!! My beautiful life!!

Monday, January 5, 2009


Today I’ve learn a new songs.I never heard that songs, title “Breathe Again” by Juwita Suwito. When I heard this song for the first time and see the lyrics, it’s remind me about my first day in UiTM, Segamat Johor. This songs is about how we want to start a new life after we have to left all the sweet memory. I remember when the first time I walk into the UiTM Segamat Johor, I was alone and I have no friend at all. At that moment, I felt very afraid because I don’t know anybody in here. It’s totally different when I’m at the secondary school. At the secondary school, I already have many friends all are they were very kind but here in UiTM, I really don’t know what kind of people I’ll meet, whether they’re are good or otherwise. So, now I feel that it’s very hard to start a new life when I’ve to leave all my old life that full with memory even though its pain. I don’t know whether my new life will same goes to my past experience or, I don’t know.

Zulaikha was my first friend in UiTM Segamat Johor. Yes! I still remember that!! When my family left me, I’m very sad because I don’t know with who I want to speak and so on. But I always remind myself about what is my purpose to come here, so I left all the sad things behind and start a new life as a students of UiTM and also have to learn how to do all works by my own, how to communicate with other people and so on. So, I tried to make friend and still fresh in my mind that Zulaikha was my first friend in the UiTM. Then I meet with Hidayah, Ummi, Irah,Ana and many else. I felt very happy and I also get a nick name, Apek!! Its sounds like a boys name but I don’t care about it, as long as I can have a lot of friends. Maybe I got that name because I look like a boyish. I don’t care because I’m very happy right now; I already have a new friend, with a new environment, the way I dress up to class, no more uniforms, the way I study and so on. Its totally different when I’m at the secondary school. I’m very happy.

Sometimes, I didn’t realize that our life will not always happy every time. Even though I’ve many friends that like to be my friends, but there is also a people who doesn’t like the way I am. Seriously, I never disturb other people life but I really don’t understand why people like to disturb my life and get into my life. They make a stories about me that I don’t even know where did they get the stories and the most important all the stories that they made is all lie and not true! I’m very upset and don’t know want to tell who. I also has been slander by one of my friend. She said to everybody that I’m a lesbian because have affair with one of my senior. I felt so sad and almost everyday I’ll cry and stay away from everybody. Sometimes, when I sit alone, my tears will suddenly fall. At that time I felt so sad and I realize that we can’t just simply trust a people 100percent!!

Then I think why I’ve to run away from this problem and stay away from everybody and I know that it will never be solve if I still run away and not try to solve face the problem. On the other hand, why I’ve o run while I’m not make any mistakes all the stories is absolutely wrong. It’s a nature of human being that will never stop talking about other people without look at their self. So, I promise to myself that I will never run away from the problem and I’ll try to face the problem with all my strength and of course with help from Allah. I also has learn a lesson from what already happen to me. I’ll not trust to anybody anymore. What past is past and what ever happen, lives must go on and I’ll never turn to back and be a more careful person.

I know that Allah is fair to all people. After all things that I’ve pass through, I said to myself that I want to forget all things that happen to me before this and I want to build up a new life here, more peaceful without a bad things that happen to me at the past. I know its sound ridiculous and impossible, but I’ll try my best. Now, I had a sister, name Fadzliana Mustapa. She’s very understood me and very kind to me. I love her. She is the person who has been slander as my lesbian partner but she is very cool and patient in handle it. Now I don’t care what people want to talk about me, as long as I know what I do. Besides that, I also active with Futsal teams and I have been chosen to be one of the player that will go the KARISMA. The most things that I’ll never forget is when I get a Dean List (DL) for the second time in the semester.

So, from this song, I learn many things like I know that we will never be at the same place like what we are now. Things will come and go, whether in good or bad condition and that we will never know. We will past through all the happiest moment and also all a pain. Even though it’s hurt, but we have to face it. Like I said, what ever happen, life must go on. Don’t you ever try to run away from the reality because it will come to you even you try to run away. Anything can be solve if we try to find out a way and plus with a pray to God, finally we will find the way out of the problem. Trust me! So, from the experience we have to learn and start anew day without make a same mistake. Its same goes to me. Today I’ll start my new day with anew spirit! Go for it Apek!!