Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My "SEMPOI" classmate;0

For this semester, I’ve register for D3B2 class. Two semesters before this, I’m in the first class but this semester I decide to take second class. This is because D3B2 schedule, there is no class on Friday. More over, the schedule is not pack like D3B1 and D3B3 classes. I know my old classmate will ask me, why I take D3B2 class and not D3B1. Even though I felt so sad of these changes, I realize that I’m here because I want to get knowledge not to get exulting!!! So let’s go and see what kind of student in D3B2 class!!!

1. Al-Amirul. He’s actually transfer from Kedah campus. Al is very talk active person. He’s very friendly person and as I know, he like to sings!!!

2. Asyraf. We actually already meet in MKT 243 class at the last semester. He’s very talk active person and also kind.

3. Azhar or Sood. I know him since we joined the Karisma 2008. He’s very funny person and likes to comment at my post. Thanks dude.

4. Dato’ Khalid. Opss… sorry it’s Khalid actually. People said that he’s like a Romeo but to me, he’s kind of responsible person.

5. Naz whose looks like an actor. Haha…. That’s what my lecturer has told us. He also same with Azhar. He’s very funny person.

6. Syahrul. Actually his new in our class. He’s quit a silent person. Maybe because he’s new student in our class.

7. Am. She’s very happy so lucky girl. In addition, she’s very girlish person and kind person.

8. Salwa. She has a twin named Radiah. She’s very kind and sweet person.

9. Atikah. She’s senior than me. So I don’t really know about her but I know that she’s nice person.

10. Irma. She’s very sweet person. Like to smile and always bring her beloved bottle I think, in the class.

11. Zaleha. Actually, I don’t really know about her but I’m very sure that she’s very nice girl.

12. Shiela. At first I thought she’s very silent person, but when I try to have a talk with her, actually she’s not bad, very soft person.

13. Halimatussa’diah. As I know, she’s the student who’s had transfer from Kelantan campus. She’s very nice and kind person.

14. Radhiah. She’s Salwa twin. She also very nice and kind person. Sometimes, I couldn’t know which one are Salwa and Radhiah, but now, I already know.

15. Azierah. She’s very kind person. Even though she’s very quite person, but when she start to talk, more over with Halimatussa’diah and Azirah, for sure she’s look different.

16. Ernie. She’s my classmate when we’re in first semester. As I know, she’s quit a silent person and also soft spoken.

17. Suhaida. She’s like to ask the lecturer, but I don’t really know about her. But I know she’s very good girl.

18. Lynn. Even though she’s one of the senior in the class, but she’s kind of person of happy girl and also kind person!

19. Nik!!! At part one and also part two, she’s the class representative same goes like me. She’s nice girl and also a good leader.

20. Azirah. She’s also kind of a silent person. But I know she’s a nice person. She will totally become somebody that very talk active person when she meets her friends.

21. Salbiah. She’s very strong person and likes to give me an advice when I felt down. She also is the person that not easy to give up.

22. Huda. She’s never smile in the class but I know she’s very nice girl and I hope after this Amirul will not asking for her smile anymore.

23. Shahida. She’s very kind and helpful person. This is because she always helps her partner to do the work.

24. Siti Farahiyah. She’s very close to me. She’s the one who want to follow me to the class early in the morning. Fara always know when I’m sad, tension, or moody through my face expression.

25. Another Fara. I think she’s Sheila best friends. She also quit a silent person. But I bet you better you don’t judge her like that because she also has join futsal sports.

26. Nur Izzaty Hisamuddin. She also one of my friend that close to me. She’s very soft person and also kind. Another secret that you have to know that, she obsesses to the camera.

27. Shikin. At first, I thought she’s kind of arrogant person, but after I know her she’s not like that. She’s very kind girl.

28. Last but not least is Raja. My perception about her same like what I thought about Shikin. This is because they look very close. But actually, she’s very kind.

Actually, for your information, I don’t really know about my classmate because this is my first time in the second class. But I’ll try my best to be familiar with them. I’ll try my best to be part of them because I think if I’ve a bad relation with my classmate, I will feel so uncomfortable in that class. So, I want to make them like my own ‘siblings’, so we can share whether when we’re happy or when we face a problem. So I’ll put more effort to get know them. GAMBATENE AINAA SAN!!! However it is, I love all my ‘sempoi’ friends!!!


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  2. tq for being my friend,,
    nice be friend with u apek..

  3. apek, thanks 4 being my good friend.
    i love u so much!!!
    muaahhh.. ;)

  4. apex...
    i'm same ages with u not kakak...hehehe

  5. i'm look different???
    different yg camner 2???