Thursday, April 2, 2009

I'm hoping that...

At first, I think that 7 subjects for this semester is too heavy for me to carry it but like my teachers always remind me that mind set is very important. When you set in your mind that is hard or difficult to get an A’s, so it will become hard. So our brain was controlled by our self, so I set in my mind that is easy to get an A’s for all subjects that I will take for this semester. For this semester my target is to get a better CGPA and if Allah bless me, I want to get all A’s for my subject. This semester I took Bel 311, Eco 261, Ctu 241, Bab 101, Mgt 269, Qmt 216 and Netball for my curriculum activities. So to get an A’s, I have to score on assessment marks and also on final exam. Both of them are important to me. I already done almost all the test for the entire subject that I take for this semester.

Qmt216 is one of my favorites subject for this semester. My first quiz is not bad but I make simple mistakes but is okay because I can do better after this. But a little bit sad when I just got 3 over 15 for the second quizzes. I am very sad and cried, so I called my father and told him about that. After that then I feel calm and not crying anymore. So after that I realize that now I am a little bit too active in my sport and not really focused in my study. A week after that if I am not mistaken, the time is coming. On 8 p.m. in February, I sit for the test 1 for this subject. I answer the entire question properly and I have check all the answer for a many time before submit it. You know what I feel after that?? I felt very calm and a little bit happy. After the test, we continued our studying for the next chapter. I am very disappointed with myself because when my lecturer taught us the last chapter, at the middle of class I decide to go for the “saringan for temasya larian” and after that I am very hard to do all the question. My second test will include that chapter and I am very worried because the test is on March 30 and the “Temasya Olahraga Tahunan” will be held on March 27, 28 and 29. So on the 30, I sited for the test not in a good condition because I got fever plus flu. I just can pray after that so that I will not fail for that paper. Now I just get the result for my first test and is not disappoint me and still waiting for another one quiz and test. I am very hope that I can get an A’s for this subject and I promise that I will study the Probability chapter until I can answer the entire question.

Eco 261 is also one of my favorite subjects. For this subject all the test and also quizzes already done but the results we still don’t get. For the first quiz, I am not performing because I still confused with that chapter. How to calculate the NDP and so on. I a little bit disappointed but my lecturer said that she will choose the best quizzes. My second quiz, I can answer the entire question but a little bit careless there but it is okay, I will be more careful after this. The first test is coming but I am not too worried because I got a hint from my friends. I throw my chance to get an A because I am not read the entire topic that my friends gave to me and for your information all the topic that my friend give it to me is all the question that include in that test. Regret??? A little bit but I think I already tried my best. Same goes with the second test but at this time I miss one word that came out from my lecturer mouth about the chapter that will came out in the test that is Islamic chapter. Lucky that I can answer the question but when it comes to Islamic question, I have to close my eyes when I am answering the question. I promised that I will perform better on the final and I hope that I can get an A’s. Gambatene!!!

Another one my favorite subject for this semester is Mgt 269. For this subject, I have to do many things because the assessment marks is 70% and 30% for the final. So there are many works that my friends and I have to do and work together to get a good assessment marks. For instance, we have to do so many presentation, we have to attend an interview, conduct a meeting and do a proposal and also report. I am very enjoyed doing all this kind of activities because at least it can train us earlier. When I go to the interview, I asked for the Sports and Recreation Manager Position. I enjoyed when the lecturer interview me because I love sports so much!!! The meeting also I have been a chair person. Like other subject, I also hope that I will get a good assessment marks and also I can perform the best for my final and A’s is my goal.

Bel 311??? Of course that is my favorite subject from I was in part one until now. Even though I’m not speaking fluently but I love to speak and also write. Even though it is wrong, but I don’t care because I have my sir to correct me. Sir Izuan love to give us many work to do. Every week, there must be one essay that he will give to us and from the beginning of the class until now, already 10 essays that we already done and publish to our blog. To me it is not difficult to do all this because when we do all this, from that then we know what actually our mistake is. I always hope that sir will give a comment on my essay, so that I will learn from my mistakes. Besides that, he also taught us how to do the citation for the term paper, the outline, first draft and also for the final draft. I choose Tai Chi as my topic for the term paper. I got 4 over 5 for my outline but a little bit sad when I get back my first draft. I just get 5 over 10 and I have to struggle for my final draft because the mark is over 20. At least I must get 15 over 20 or maybe more than that. 10 % is from the attendance and so far my record is clean, alhamdulillah. I must get A’s for this subject and I hope that I can get it sir. One more things sir, thank you for asked us to create our own blog because my favorite lecturer when I’m was in part one, send message to me through my blog from Australia. Arigato sensei!!! I hope you will remember me.

Ctu 241 is also my favorite subjects. So far, just quiz were already done and my entire classmate include me, get a full marks. I am very happy. Our tests is on April 8 and on that day also is Sultan Johor birthday and suppose to be it cannot be done but there is no other time to do, so we have to sit for the test on that day. Today will be our presentation at 8.30 p.m. I am a little bit nervous but I will try my best!!! Like usual, Zaty and Fara will be my presentation group member. I hope that I can perform for the test and also the presentation very well. I hope for this subject also I can get an A’s.

Bab 101 or Arabic. I love to learn Arabic even though at the school I am not too interested with this language but is okay. So far, we already finish all the 10 chapter of this subject. There are many activities that we have to involved to get a good assessment marks for this subject such as we have to join the students project competition and at that time we act and also sing a song and what a surprise, we get the third place. Now the last project is we have to record what ever we talk in Arabic in form of MP3 and it will submit on April 10. So I will corporate with my group members to do the best. A’s is my target for this subject and I hope that I can achieve that.

Last but not least, even though the credit hour is only 1, but it very mean for me that is netball, my curriculum. Last week is our fitness test and yesterday was my writing test. The question is very hard but my coach is very sporting person. I know that all the coach in this UiTM is very sporting. But actually if we prepared for that, for sure that we can answer it easily. I am very hope that I can get an A’s for this subject.

So the final is around the corner. My first paper is on 21st of April that is Ctu 241 paper. On April 24 is Bel 311 paper and my last paper is on April 8 that is Mgt 269 paper. Maybe study week I will go back to my hometown on April 11 and come back to UiTM on 12. I hope all of you will pray for my success and we pray together. I hope that I will achieve my goal!!! Gambatene S.A.M.S.R. (guess what???) for my entire lecturer, I hope that you will pray for my success and halalkan semua yang diajar. Thank you, Terima kasih, Nandre, Sheshei, Shukran, Arigatokozaimas to my entire lecturer!!!