Thursday, January 15, 2009

I love my entire SUBJECT!!!

At this third semester, I’ll already register all sevens subject that I’ll be taken that is English for Academic purposes (BEL 311), Microeconomics (ECO 261), Statistic (QMT 216), Business Communication (MGT 269), Economic in Islam (CTU 241) and last but not least, net ball co-curriculum subject. As I remember, when I’m in part one and part two, I just only take six subject including co-curriculum but at this semester, I have to take seven subject. For the first time, I feel that it’s very hard to me, to carry the entire seven subjects because I never take seven subjects before this. But when I think for a while about what is actually my purpose to come here, so I left the entire negative thinking and set in my mind, all the subject that I’ll take, will become an easier subject and try to get A’s for all the subject. InsyaAllah...

My first class is Business Communication (MGT 269). The lecturers that teach me will be Mr.Ahmad Kamil. I’ve heard about him before this. Many students said that he’s very strict person and many of them get ‘F’ grad for his paper. I felt very scared and try to change to another class but my friends told me that Mr.Ahmad Kamil will take all the business students classes. So, I’ve no choice and have to go on with his class. For the first time I saw him, he seems like to what all students said about him. But when at the tutor class, I see that he’s not like what all the students said. His very kind person, love to laugh I think and I like him, the way he teaches us. At the first day in his class, he already calls my name. I felt very happy because that lecturer knows that I’m existing. I love this subject because I’ve heard about this subject when I’m in part two and it’s very attracting me. This is because we will have an activity like a meeting, presentation that required me to wear proper clothes like blazer and so on. I don’t have this kind of activities before, so I’m very interesting to join it!! He also mentions us about the assessment marks that will be 60 percent for assessment and another 40 percent is from the final exam. We’re also required to do an assignment, meeting, report writing, presentation and many activities that will be done. So my hope for this paper is, I want to get an A’s. InsyaAllah…

Next subject that I’ll be taken for this semester is Arabic (BAB 101). For your information, I take this subject is because my lecturer ask me to take that subject. So I decide to take this subject and actually I don’t really like Arabic but I decide to take this subject because suddenly I interested to take Arabic. My Arabic’s lecturer name is Ustaz Syazali Arifin. I know him because he’s one of the important people in the UiTM. He’s very strict person and concern about students’ discipline. First time I saw meets him, I thought that he is very fierce but after he start to talk, then I know his very funny and like to make a joke. So, I’m very happy to be in his class. My first impression about this subject is not too good, because I don’t really like this subject! But I think that, nothing is easy in this world. So I’ll give my best to study this subject and I’ll also hope that I’ll get an A’s for this subject. Ustaz Syazali also has told us about the carry marks that including of 60% of assessment marks and another 40% will come from final exam. He also tells us that maybe there is no finals exam for Arabic paper for this semester. I’m a little bit happy but I can’t take for granted about that assessment marks. So, I will work hard to achieve my target for Arabic which is to get an A’s grad.

Mr.Izuan Ismail. His is my English for Academic purpose (BEL 311) lecturer. I’m a little bit scared when at the first time I saw him. His face is look like, he’s very fierce person and more over, he’s never smile in the class. But after almost one month I study with him, he is actually not that kind of person but maybe he’s too straight. I always wish that one day, he will give me and my entire classmate a very cool smile in the class. This is one of my favorites subject. This is because I like to talk in English and I’m hoping that one day I can speak fluently in English. In addition, there’s many interesting activities that I can join and it can help my English either in oral or written. In the first class, he already tells us about the assessment marks which is 60 % is from the activities like presentation, term paper and so on, and another 40% is come from final exam. More over, he also gives us an assignment at the first class that required us to find one topic and find the article from the internet and news paper, books that relate to the topic. For Bel 311 subject, I target to get an A’s and I’ll put more effort to achieve my target.

For this semester, I also will take Macroeconomics (ECO 261) subjects. At the beginning, there is a technical mistake at our schedule, but it already done by the HEA. The lecturer that will teach us is Madam Zuraidah Ismail. When I saw her at the first time and look at the way that she talks to us, I thought that she’s very strict person. But after almost one hour I study with her, she’s actually a nice person and she only being serious when she’s teaching us. I like the way she teach us. For the first time I hear about Eco 261, because of this subject is all about the hole economics and in addition, she teach us without follow the content that have in the manual books. So, its make me feel so hard to follow her lesson. But I’ll try to follow her way because that’s the only way to make sure that I’ll get what ever she teach us. Madam Zuraidah also tells us about the assessment marks that will be include of 40% for the test, quizzes and so on and another 60 % is from the final exam. So, my hope is I’ll get an A’s for this subject.

Statistic (QMT 216) is one of the subjects that I’ll be taken for this semester. I’ve heard about this subject from other student before this, that QMT 216 it’s easier than MAT 140. Even though it’s like what they say, but it doesn’t mean I can take it easy for this subject. For the first time I saw her, I now that she is nice lecturer but a little bit serious. I like to ask her anything that I don’t understand and she will answer my entire question. She also have tell us about the assessment marks which40% include of test, quizzes and also one final project and another 60% is from final paper. So, I’ll do my best to achieve my target for this subject and of course A’s is my target for QMT 216.

Economic Islam (CTU 241) will be taught by Ustaz Kamarulzaman Sulaiman. Before this I’ve heard a story about him from my senior. They said that he’s very funny lecturer and like to give a lesson from the story that he told us and it’s really true, because when he teach us in the class, he always make we laugh. After that, he’ll always remind us to take care about our self and remember our parents. I like him because he’s like my father that loves to motivate me. When I read the title of this CTU 241 subject, which is about Economic of Islam, I thought it’s very hard to me because the topic is too wide. Suddenly I think for a while. Why I’ve to set at my mind like this?? So I throw all the negative thinking and set in my mind, that I can do it!! My lecturer also explains to us about the assessment marks. Its same goes to BELL 311whicw is 40% will come from the presentation, quizzes, test and the important thing is the attendant and another 60% is come from final exam. My target for this subject is to get an A’s for this subject and I’ll go for it!!!

Last but not least, Co-curriculum subject. For this subject, I take Net ball (HSK 116) because l like this sports so much. At the beginning, I want to take Futsal, but that sports don’t have in the list, so I decide to take Net ball subject. Madam Azah. I already know about her before I join Net ball society. This is because, I’ve join the “Majlis Sukan Pelajar” when I’m in part one and she’s the one of the staff there. She’s very kind and very sporting person. I like her very much!!! For this subject, it’s easy to score A’s, but I’ll not take it easy. On the other hand, I’ll try my best to get an A’s for this subject.

After I calculate all the credit hour for all the subject that I’ll be taken for this semester, that is 18 credit hours which is a little bit high and hard to me if don’t score all the subject. So, I have to work hard to get all A’s for all subject in my final exam or maybe get a Dean List for the third time. InsyaAllah… I hope that I can do my best to achieve my dreams. You can do it Ainaa! Gambatene!!! May Allah bless Sharifah Ainaa Mardhiyah Syed Redhwan… Amin…

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