Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It's not fake!!!

Fact means thing known to have happened or to be true or to be exist. In simple words, facts mean something that is true. Do you want to know 10 facts about me, Sharifah Ainaa Mardhiyah Syed Redhwan???? My name already shown that is facts. So, let’s go and see what 10 facts about me are!!!

The first facts of me are I HATE COCKROACH SO MUCH!!! I hate that kind of insect. The way a cockroach looking at me, the structure of the cockroach body and all about the cockroach. I don’t like it!!! In addition, there is one type of a cockroach that I don’t like that is fly cockroach!!! When I saw there is a cockroach in my way, I’ll get shock and try to find another way to go to the place that I want to go. Actually, I started to hate this insect since I’m in the primary school. My friends give me a chewing gum and when I pull it out, I scream loudly because that is not a chewing gum but a fake cockroach!!! Starting from that, I hate cockroach so much!!!

CHOCOKE!!! I love them so much!!! I’m sure you will think so many times about the meanings of that words and the answer also you will never get from the dictionary or somewhere else. CHOCOKE means chocolate and coca-cola. I love to eat chocolate and drink coca-cola so much, especially when I’m feel bored, sad, tension or even moody. I love Cadbury chocolate and of course black forest flavor. When I’m in a bad mood, I can even finish the biggest chocolate bar!!! Same goes to coca-cola. If I was tension or have a problem, I’ll find the coca-cola and drink it until finish. For example, one day I felt very disappointed with my ex-boyfriend, I drink a big bottle of coca-cola and after that I vomit all the things. But the fact is I love CHOCOKE so much!!!

Anger is my bad attitude. That is one of the facts about me. Actually, I’m not that kind of person. I’ll be a nice person to other person if they also being nice to me. For example, when I’m in a good mood but suddenly people do something bad to me, for sure I’ll being a Green Hulk!!! I hate for being an anger person because I know people will hate me if I be like that. So I hope that I’ll change to a better person someday.

Next is, I like to write an essay whether in English or Malay. It does begin when I’m in secondary school. My teachers teach me how to write an essay by using the formula of “What, Why and How”. I wrote an essay using that formula whether in Malay or even English essay. At the school, my essay always was being a role essay to other students. So from that, I’m interested to write an essay and I like to write an essay base on my experience, so it’s not too hard for me to create an idea because I know what is already happen. So, I love to write!!!

Tears are my best friends in the world. Why I said like that? This is because, I like to cry when I feel so sad, happy, when I feel alone and when I need somebody but there is no one. I am the person that can’t keep the problem by my own and tell to the people that I trust. But if there is nobody that I can tell my problem, I’ll cry and cry by myself. Tears are my best friends in the world.

In addition, computer is not my interest. That is a fact!!! I don’t really like computer. Like Malays said, “Buta IT”. I’m the one in that group. I don’t know anything about computer, this is because I never go to the computer classes. But I’ve to learn to use the computer because I’ll use the computer in the future. Even now, I already use the laptop to complete the assignment. But the reality is, I don’t really like a computer.

I’m not ready for having a boyfriend. For sure that’s a fact about me. I was a very faithful person in love for long time ago. But, since my ex-boyfriend ask me to break up with him just because we are too far and for me, that is a stupid reason. So now, I think better I have no relationship with other guys and I hope that one day I’ll find a man and get married and after that, then we’ll get in love. I’m not ready for love!!!

Another fact about me is, I hate people who betray me. Example like, in front me they are very nice to me but at the back, they talk a bad things about me. I really don’t like that kind of people. They seems like a fake to me, a fake things!!! I hate that.

I hate being force!!! I don’t like do a work, anything such as study or cooking, that is being forcing by other people. This is because, I know the result will not good as good as I do the work by my own. I’ll do when I want to do and not by being force!!

Last but not least, I love chocolate cake so much!!! Huh!!! It's very delicious. Every time my birthday was coming, my mom will bake a chocolate cake for me. I can even finish all the chocolate cake!!! Greedy right??? I don't care! Until know, I'm still crazy of chocolate cake. Owh chocolate cake!!!

So that is 10 facts about me. It just about me. I’ll try to be a good person in a future. So, don’t you dare to give me a joke such as giving me a cockroach!!! I’ll kick you!!!

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  1. 1. Cockroach, not coakroach.

    2. I prefer Vanilla Coke. I love chocolates too.

    3. If you get angry, get 'wuduk' to cool down.

    4. Interesting formula.

    5. There's nothing wrong to cry if you feel like it. Don't hold back your feelings.

    6. You'll have to learn. You can't depend on other people all the time.

    7. Good choice.

    8. Don't we all?

    9. Me too.

    10. I *heart* Chocolate Indulgence by Secret Recipe.