Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Is This My First Album???

What will be my cover album if one day I'll be a singer? I think the best concept that I'll choose is ballad. Even though it is a soft and sentimental song, but i like it so much because i love to hear something that can make me feel calm and also songs that have a sentimental value. So I choose this as my first cover album and all this song I'll put in my first album.

This is the description of all my song...

1. Here without you
- This song is about someone who is separated either by distance or death from someone special or someone they love very deeply in their life.

2. Super Human
- This song tends to remind all of us of our loved ones and how we would do anything for them to repay what they had done for us before.

3. Crush
- This song is quite self-explanatory. It’s about two friends, a guy and a girl. The guy has feelings for her but however the girl is oblivious (unaware). So the guy now wants to know if the girl could ever have a crush on him.

4. Take a bow
- A girl who found out that h
er boyfriend cheated on her. He tried to apologize to her but she could not hear it anymore. So she finally decided that she doesn’t want to go on with the relationship.

5. How many times, How many lies
- The girl fed up with the boy who nonstop cheating on her. And now she is finding out by asking questions to her boyfriends about what actually happened during all the times that he had cheated on her.

6. Forget about me
- A girl admitted that she also likes the boy after he had confessed to her. But in the end, he just left her hanging and one day he had the guts to tell her, he actually never did like her. Despite giving him everything he asked and wanted.

7. I’ll be missing you
- This song is recorded and dedicated in memory of artist Notorious B.I.G. who was murdered on March 9, 1997, saying how he will be missed by his loved ones and all the memories of and with him will always be cherished and on their mind all the time.

8. I want to spend my life time loving you
- This song tries to show what power of love can do. This strong couple promised each other that they will deal and face all obstacles together that may or may not come their way. And nothing even death can stop them from spending their whole life being together with each other.

9. If I were boy
- The song intention is to find out how men are and how it feels like to be in their shoe even just for a day. She strongly believe that she will definitely treat a woman better than must of the men she knew as she understand how a women feels when she is mistreat.

10. If tomorrow never comes
- Tells how a man really regrets those days where he didn’t let his loved ones know how much they meant to him and when the times comes, he was already too late to do so. Therefore, he vowed not to allow history to repeat, so he makes sure the women he loved knows how important she is in his life everyday until the day he dies.

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