Sunday, February 15, 2009

Future Hubby ;p

LOVE. For me, sometimes it can be very pain and sometimes it can be very joy. Many kinds of love, instant as love to Allah, love to Prophet Muhammad, love to mother, father, siblings, relative, and friends and so on. Love also can be defined as a strong feeling of caRing about someone, especially in a member of your family or close friends (Longman, Dictionary). So we can conclude here is LOVE is a feeling of caring to someone like our family, friends or else. Love to Allah is we follow all the rules and leave the forbidden and love to the Prophet Muhammad is follow all the As-Sunnah and Al-Hadis that guide us to the truth way. So that is LOVE to me.

You want to know what the characteristic of my love future husband is. Actually my dream is, when I find the man that suitable for me, we’ll getting married first then after that we’ll falling in love with each other. Huhu… It’s like a ridiculous thing right, but that’s actually my dream is. Let's go and see which guy that can be my future hubby.

The first characteristic of my dream guy is someone that can guide me to the way of the truth or on the other hand he’s good in Islamic knowledge. So from that he can guide me to be a better person, a good wife and else. What I mean here is, that guy can bring me to a better life, be a good wife, guide me as a truth muslimah but not control my life. On the other hand, he’s must be someone that obey to Allah and the Prophet Muhammad but in the same time he can be a sporting person.

Next is, guy that want to be my husband must someone that very responsibility. He knows what is his responsibility to me, to our family, to our parents and so on. For instant he will give me the monthly expenses like what in Islam have said. Actually I’m not materialistic women, but he as a man must know what their responsibility is. One more thing is, I don’t like guy that simply left his family without leaving money for them to survive, moreover when they face the problem. So my future husband must be a very responsibility person.

Besides that also, that guy for sore must love me with all his heart. Of course that is important because is the guy don’t love you, how you want to live with him, the rest of your life? So, that guy for me must be very caring person. Not just caring about me, but also to my family. He must love me with all his soul and heart. So I hope our marriage will last longer till die. To me love is more important than money.

My future husband must also someone that very respective guy. Not only respect my parents but also to me. He can’t simply beat me without any reason. I for sure have to respect him. Besides that, every woman in this world has a wish to have a charming guy as their future husband. Same goes with me but for me that’s not too important. Last but not least, the characteristic of my future guy or husband is he must be rich. What is actually I mean here is, not too rich like from minister’s family but that guy can give mea comfortable life. That is good enough for me.

So that is all about the characteristic of my dream guy or future husband. Huhu… It’s very funny when I talking about this topic because it’s very early for me to get a boyfriend or get married. My target is to set married when I’m at 27 years old. This is because I’ve many things that I want to do before I getting married. So, if you have the entire characteristic that I’ve mention before, you can try me.


  1. Love also can be defined as a strong feeling of carrying about someone <---you mean caring right?

    Le cant’s go and see <---- what do you mean?

    I know that it's very young for you to get married.. this is just a writing exercise.

  2. i agree with u..with your age now i think you not have to think about getting married because you are to young and of course you a women that will be taking care of your future husband..not like me, with my age now and a long way to finish my study i have to start think my future. i hope you will find you guy someday and will live happly ever after..hehehehehehe....

  3. Salam Apek..

    Good luck in all your future undertakings.

  4. Salam Apek,

    Terima kasih kerana "menyinggah".

    Please pray for my success as well : )

  5. BTW, I tak 'ngeteh' di sini...I prefer latte..

  6. Apek!! Don't you have a Facebook???

    Find me using "Syahrul Ahmar". It will definitely answer all your questions..

    BTW, kirim salam pada mereka yang mengenali.